Non-Woven Pad & Rolls

¡¾Product Description¡¿£º

Non-woven abrasive products sometimes called Satin Web are commonly used for deburring of wood, paint, lacquers, brass, copper and steel. Suitable for stainless products, excellent for satinising of aluminium.

Surface Conditioning Abrasive Jumbo Roll

Surface Conditioning Belt

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The surface conditioning belts are used for sanding and finishing of all surfaces, including wood and metal. Available in coarse, medium, very fine and super fine. Commonly used with tools, castings, welding seams, punched and forged parts.

Surface Conditioning

¡¾Product Description¡¿£º

The discs can be used to rub narrow parts of dot and line, which could reduce the grinding area.They are mainly applied in steel derusting, weld removing and burrs grinding.

Mounted Flap Wheel

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The mounted flap wheels are applied in polishing, deburring, and removal of pits, burrs, and scratches. Remove parting lines and provide a uniform scratch pattern on all metals.

Flap Wheel

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Excellent for metal finishing where uniform scratch patterns or satin and decorative finishes are required, also for light deburring and removal of parting lines. Finer finish than regular flap wheels.

Drawing Wheel

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The drawing wheels are widely apply in polishing machine,uesd to the surface conditioning in stainless steel,aluminum ,cooper and other metal products. It could creat various patterns on the workpiece surface.

Convolute Wheel

¡¾Product Description¡¿£º

Convolute wheels are designed to be smear and heat resistant while producing fast cut rates and finer finishes with consistent results. They are recommend for medium to heavy deburring applications, blending coated abrasives scratch patterns, and poli¡­


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